Petra Goedde was spending a month as visiting professor at the RIAS in June/July 2021 just as the pandemic was winding down and in person contacts were finally possible again.

Petra Goedde is Professor of History at Temple University in Philadelphia and co-editor of the journal Diplomatic History.   She is the author, most recently, of The Politics of Peace: A Global Cold War History (Oxford 2019). In addition, she has published widely on Cold War history, the history of cultural globalization, human rights, and gender in foreign relations history.  A native of Germany she has spent most of her academic life in the United States.

While at the Institute she participated in the annual International PhD Seminar, conducted online with young scholars from the Netherlands, Europe, and the United States, and delivered a lecture on “America’s Conflicted Relationship with globalization in the Age of Covid.”  Still under the spell of Covid, she delivered the lecture online, even though she was physically in residence.

Some of her time at the RIAS was devoted to completing revisions on a book manuscript she is co-authoring with Akira Iriye, entitled International History: A Cultural Approach, to be published by Bloomsbury Press later in 2021.  The book offers a new way of looking at the history of international relations over the past two centuries by incorporating cultural and non-state transnational actors and transformations into the narrative.  She was also using her time at the Institute to explore new research endeavors.  Her interactions with PhD students and the faculty at the RIAS over the course of her residency have proven extremely stimulating and helpful in that respect.

The RIAS staff was pleased to take Petra Goedde out to join us for a wonderful farewell lunch in the garden of a Middelburg restaurant.

Read here Professor Goedde’s report on her fellowship at the RIAS.