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Do you want to acquire experience in an academic institute and broaden your knowledge about the United States of America? The RIAS offers several internship possibilities.

Library Internship

The Roosevelt Institute for American Studies offers internships (36 hours per week) for a period of three months, for a student in American studies, history, or international relations. Fluency in English and Dutch is required.

The activities of the intern include: library duties, assisting the staff in the organization of conferences, editorial work, making archival materials accessible, the translation of documents, and secretarial assistance. It is taken into account that the intern has time for his/her own research alongside these tasks.

The RIAS offers an informative and dynamic work environment. A standard remuneration is available for the internship. We are currently accepting applications for an intern starting in October 2021. Click here for more information.

RIAS Research Internship

The Roosevelt Institute for American Studies regularly offers academic internships. These internships are usually either research-based or project-focused. They are meant to help the students fulfill the requirements of their academic programs and are arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Academic research internships are open to those students who are interested in combining a period of intensive research at the RIAS with the writing of their theses or research papers. These internships may also involve the cataloging and digitization of a specific RIAS source.

Project-focused internships require the students to help the RIAS staff with the organization of a public event or the management of a specific project. In this case, typical duties involve PR, online communication, and event participation.

The academic internship program is usually an equivalent of 7.5 ECTS, but it depends on students' own academic programs' requirements. For more information and expressions of interest, please contact us at


Below you will find what previous interns had to say about their time at the RIAS:

Job Wester

Job Wester, University of Amsterdam

The RIAS helped me to explore the great things that American Studies in the Netherlands has to offer.
Hannes Bavius

Hannes Bavius, Leiden University

I gained a better understanding of the inner workings of an academic institute and developed lots of practical and administrative skills.
Christel Poppe

Christel Poppe, Leiden University

During my internship I developed a lot of skills that will benefit me for the rest of my working life.
Tessa Baan

Tessa Baan, Radboud University Nijmegen

The RIAS has given me a taste of how to apply my background in American Studies in practice while also continuing to develop my academic skills.
Josefien Vermet

Josefien Vermet, Leiden University

My internship at the RIAS has provided me with valuable skills and knowledge.
Laura op de Beke

Laura op de Beke, Leiden University

This internship provided me with the opportunity to connect to a valuable network of American Studies scholars in the Netherlands.
Kirsten Weitering

Kirsten Weitering, Leiden University

My time at the RIAS was an informative, meaningful, and overall very enjoyable experience, for which I would like to thank the RIAS staff.
Tim Kies

Tim Kies, Leiden University

During the RIAS internship I learned from the (visiting) researchers, and experienced the academic world, and I laughed with the friendly staff.
Isidoro Campioni-Noack

Isidoro Campioni-Noack, Leiden University

My experience at the RIAS was a truly unique working experience, allowing me to expand my knowledge of the academic world, and clarify my future goals.
Mitchell Zee

Mitchell Zee, Leiden University

Working at the RIAS gave me the chance to expand my skills and knowledge within a welcoming and professional environment.
Floris Groothof

Floris Groothof, University of Amsterdam

The RIAS helped me reconnect with American Studies.

Jasper Collette, Leiden University

My time at the RSC has provided me with a valuable set of skills for the future.

Roel Bos, University College Utrecht

The internship allowed me to fully experience the academic world, giving me new perspectives on my future.

Joëlla de Vos, University of Utrecht

Through this internship I have come to know the real academic world with all its possibilities.

Hanneke Marcelis, University of Groningen

The RSC offered me a valuable learning experience. I had a wonderful time at the center.

Juri Ferri, University College Roosevelt

A great experience in a stimulating working environment. I will always remember my time at RSC!

Cheryl Bork, University of Groningen

A truly positive experience, both educational and enjoyable.

Laura Mudde, Utrecht University

The RSC internship is a learning experience I will hold dear in my future endeavors.

Marisa Kok, Utrecht University

The RSC helped me to extend my personal and professional horizons!

Heleen Blommers, VU University Amsterdam

A valuable learning experience and acquaintance with an academic community working with U.S. history.
Ewoud Bongers

Ewoud Bongers, Leiden University

An invaluable experience that will help me during my future career.
Niek de Vries

Niek de Vries, Erasmus University Rotterdam

The RSC is arguably the best way to get acquainted with both the academic field and community.
Katinka Folmer

Katinka Folmer, Utrecht University

A valuable and welcoming meeting place for anyone who shares interest U.S. history.
Anita Schmale

Anita Schmale, Utrecht University

My internship at the Roosevelt Study Center was an array of fruitful experiences.
Niek Joosse

Niek Joosse, Erasmus University Rotterdam

The Roosevelt Study Center is a valuable addition to my academic curriculum.

Menno van Overmeeren, University of Amsterdam

This internship gave me the opportunity to develop new skills and gave me valuable work experience.
Erika van Leeuwen

Erika van Leeuwen, University of Groningen

The RSC is a unique and inspiring place for students with an interest in U.S. history.
Ian Priem

Ian Priem, Erasmus University Rotterdam

The internship at the RSC allowed me to combine my interests in history and the U.S.

Martijn Samson, Erasmus University Rotterdam

RSC allowed me to experience many sides of academic life: research, conferences, meetings.
Lise Koning

Lise Koning, University of Amsterdam

This internship gave me the opportunity to make contacts with international scholars.

Berit Brink, VU University of Amsterdam

One of the most amazing things was meeting researchers from all over Europe.

Linda Brontsema, University of Groningen

Both educational and pleasant, and takes place in a perfect work atmosphere.

Tijmen Gengler, Utrecht University

It shows the real academic world. Not only books, but ever changing, interesting and full of people.

Thomas Bottelier, Erasmus University Rotterdam

One of the most informative times of my life. Like Theodore Roosevelt said 'Work worth doing'.

Sanne Goossens, Radboud University Nijmegen

It places you at the Dutch epicenter of American Studies and Transatlantic Relations.