Theodore Roosevelt: Miscellaneous

This microfiche collection consists of eight oral histories on Theodore Roosevelt including those of Alice Roosevelt Longworth and Henry Root Stern, as well as five microfiches regarding Theodore Roosevelt’s visit to the Netherlands in April and May 1910. These are articles from the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Handelsblad. The 45 fiches of the Theodore Roosevelt Association newsletter cover the period from 1974 until 1987.

FINDING AIDTheodore Roosevelt: Miscellaneous

Theodore Roosevelt: Papers

The Theodore Roosevelt Papers include 485 reels of microfilm. This collection covers TR’s voluminous correspondence, his speeches, diaries, reports, and newspaper clippings. The papers are divided in 15 different series that run from 1795 until 1919. The focus in these papers is on the major topics of Theodore Roosevelt’s career, such as the two terms of his presidency from 1901 to 1909; the construction of the Panama Canal, the break-away Progressive Party third party candidacy in the 1912 election, his efforts in the field of conservation and environment protection, and his clashes with the corrupt Republican party bosses. Also TR’s work as New York City’s police commissioner is included.

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